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Partners in Public Innovation

The antidote to bureaucracy

Public agencies we've worked with have shaved months off time-to-hire, cut permitting times in half, and saved millions in public funds.

Our secret? We don't write reports or make recommendations. Instead, we build the problem-solving capacity of the real experts: the public servants who do this work every day.

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We partner with public agencies to:


Lead for results

We coach leaders to find and measure what's most important and focus teams around clear goals.


Streamline public services

We facilitate rapid improvement that frees up staff time while providing better, faster service to citizens.


Build problem-solving teams

We train and empower staff to not just solve the immediate problem, but to continuously improve.

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After over 25 years struggling to do a “better” job, Lean Leaders provided me with the tools to increase my efficiency, my productivity, and most importantly my job satisfaction. It gave me the framework and philosophy to really look at what we do, how we do it, and WHY we do it.

John, Chief Facilities Officer

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