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Innovation Training

We equip staff at all levels to make meaningful change to their daily work. Whether you're looking for a half-day intro to problem-solving, an intensive leadership development cohort, or practical tools for executives, we have an offering for you.

If you're looking to further your own professional development, take a look at our upcoming open trainings. If you're looking to transform your whole team, let's talk about your best options.



We facilitate your staff to solve their own problems, providing better quality, faster, delightful services for the people you serve. Not only that, but we develop your staff along the way, so that you're better equipped to handle the next set of changes that are inevitably coming. 

We've applied these tools to public processes as diverse as licensing, benefits enrollment, hiring, contracting, maintenance, and many more. We especially excel at bringing together teams of staff who cross agencies or departments to rally them towards a common goal. Whether you're looking to streamline one process or create a data-driven improvement culture, we can help.


and performance Management

Data-driven improvement is most successful when leaders laser-focus on the most important goals. 

Performance management is the heart of what we do at PPI, and it starts with strategic goal setting: We work with leaders to identify their agency’s key mission and the obstacles to achieving. We then work with leadership to develop and measure the goals in the form that makes most sense to them, whether that's 1-3 key performance indicators or a concise set of objectives and key results (OKRs).


Metrics and DAta Visualization

We ask all our sponsors and trainees: What problem are you trying to solve, and how will you know if you've solved it? These simple questions are the backbone of a data-driven organization, but they can be hard to do! We develop simple but powerful dashboards and performance measures that help you understand your core services and keep you on track to making an impact. We aim to develop measures that are powerful and meaningful -- yet also simple and concise-- so that you focus your energy on what's most important.

To transform public services, nothing is more important that building up leaders who not only care about making change, but also have the skills and wisdom to build awesome teams of public servants. 

To that end, we work directly with leaders who are trying to build data-driven, high performing teams. We'll help you empower your staff to be problem-solvers and build a high-performing organization -- without working until midnight.



However they may happen, crises can cause major unrest, disrupt operations, and leave employees and leaders alike looking for the escape hatch.  In these situations, we work with you to quickly assess the landscape and associated risks and then design and execute a strategy to respond, recover, and build resilience. 

Our expert strategists swoop in to provide customized consultation and strategy to identify real-time and emerging threats, equip leaders to quickly execute effective communications that connect a variety of audiences, and guide short-term strategy to stabilize the immediate crisis with long-term considerations for building trust, resilience, and positive workplace culture.


Survey Design and Analysis

We help clients reach the public and their own staff through survey design, analysis, and reporting -- as well as through focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and process co-creation. 

With deep backgrounds in industrial-organizational psychology, our staff apply rigorous research protocols, paired with up-to-date best practices and direct client feedback, to design and analyze scientifically valid surveys. We can also create reporting and provide customized communication support to help you understand and take action on the issues that are most important to your customers and staff.

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