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"The innovation cohort was a terrific three-month program that offered tons of learning.
This curriculum is exceptional because it delivers one-on-one coaching, frameworks, and approaches while addressing real-world problems.
I'm really appreciative that I have the direction of all three instructors and can learn from them."
"The Innovative Leaders program such a positive experience for me.
I learned methodologies and tools that I could apply to my work and was able to gain a deep understanding of the problem I was working to address.
Overall, the training, exercises, and mentors were amazing and I grew so much during the program."
"After over 25 years of struggling to do a “better” job my experience with Lean Leaders provided me with the tools to increase my efficiency, my productivity and most importantly, my job satisfaction.
It gave me the framework and philosophy to really look at what we do, how we do it, and WHY we do it."
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